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What We Do & 
How We Get Down!

Rooted Rhythm Syndicate focuses on providing every event, gig or client with an EXPERIENCE! 

We aim to provide innovation, creativity, authenticity and top-notch service through the entire process!

DJing and Event Curation

Need a DJ that can cover just about any event with their own style and taste?  We got that.  Do you have a creative event and need someone to curate the music, theme and flow? We got that too. Do you want to attend events that are a step away from commercial yet a step above the rest? We do that!

Whether a party, concert, creative event, or whatever you come up with, our team can make it a very memorable EXPERIENCE!



We all have a story to tell, whether we do that by actually writing or portraying a scene via film and media. Let us help make that story reach your intended audience and beyond. 

Our team can help you create a creative narrative for your project that will captivate your readers/viewers while keeping the essence and purpose you set out to achieve. 

We work with you to get the story you want that can help grasp hearts, minds and creativity of your audience


Youth & Artist Development

A core belief here at Rooted Rhythm Syndicate is to empower our youth by providing them an outlet to express and to give the tools and opportunity to develop their skills and expand their talents and passions. We provide mentorship and skill-building.

We have opportunities for youth to learn about social justice and public health issues they face daily through the lens of hip-hop music.

We also look to work with our youth through interning and cultivating their talents through using them to develop the art in their field, which includes: music production, graphic design, photography, videography, media management, event design and curation, and everything in between!

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